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Obecný úrad Šarišský Štiavnik 65
090 42 Okrúhle

Tel.: 054/788 2630-2
Fax: 054/788 2631
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web: www.sarisskystiavnik.ou.sk

Region: Svidník

Microregion: Radomsko-Makovický

First written mention: 1414

Height above sea level: 230 m.n.m.

Numbers of inhabitants: 292

Sufrace of cadaster: 527 ha


Šarišský Štiavnik village expands in Nízke Beskydy, in river-basin of Radomka stream. First written mention of the village comes from 1414. Name of the village is related with mineral source called by local people “ščavica” (“juice” in dialect). At 18th century soaks were built on the place of this source. Soaks House established at 1963 includes also children's sanatorium. About 300 people live here today. Religious dominant of Šarišský Štiavnik  - Cathedral of St. Michael Archangel – was built at year 1928. Its interior is decorated by rare iconostas. Also timber bell tower originate in the village. The House of Sadness arose by reconstruction of original school building. Nursery and basic school is functional here. Voluntary fire brigade doesn’t fulfill just function of fire protection but it is very active also in the area of sports and culture. Šarišský Štiavnik is one of the villages with sufficiently developed civic and technological amenities and continuously improving quality of life.